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Bio-absorbable Cement Restrictor

CEMSTOP® aIIows a sealing of the medullary cavity before the introduction of acrylic cement during hip arthroplasty surgeries.
CEMSTOP® Limits the cement progression into the diaphysis, and facilitates cement pressurisation.

CEMSTOP® is completely dissolved within a few days of implantation.

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ORTHOCEM® 1 & 3 

Surgical Cement

ORTHOCEM® 1 & 3 are radiopaque and self-hardening bone cements indicated for arthroplasty surgeries.

Cements ideally respond to the needs of the surgeon, 2 viscosities for 2 types of applications :
ORTHOCEM® 1 : standard (high) viscosity bone cement for manual application.
ORTHOCEM® 3 : low viscosity bone cement, with optimum fluidity to allow an easy application with a syringe or injection gun.



Thanks to its composition, NANOGEL® is a synthetic bone substitute similar to mineral phase of bone. This product is an absorbable bone void filler which induces a rapid bone ingrowth.

NANOGEL® offers to surgeon various possibilities of use : percutaneous surgery to fill closed bone defects or open surgery including as a cage filler

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TRIHA+® is a synthetic monophasic ceramic made of tricalcium phosphate (TCP).
Tricalcium phosphate Ca3(PO4)2 provides excellent osteointegration of the ceramic.
TRIHA+® is a biocompatible and safe.



CERAFORM® is a synthetic biphasic ceramic made of hydroxyapatite (HA) and beta tricalcium phosphate      (β-TCP), biocompatible and safe. Hydroxyapatite Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2 is a calcium phosphate similar to the mineral phase of bone tissue. Tricalcium phosphate Ca3(PO4)2 , more soluble than HA, improves the resorption kinetics of CERAFORM®.

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