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Affinis Short 

The Affinis Short is a shoulder endoprosthesis which can be implanted in only a few steps and whose bone-sparing design enables restoration of the glenohumeral geometry. The anatomical ceramic head, in combination with the Glenoid vitamys, minimises polyethylene wear compared to conventional bearings

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Affinis Shoulder 

The Affinis total shoulder endoprosthesis, with its double eccentricity – a movable cone and eccentric head – allows the centre of rotation of the head to be restored in a simple and anatomical manner. 1, 2 Less polyethylene wear can be anticipated in combination with the vitamys glenoid components than with the UHMWPE components.


Affinis Inverse

Inlay screw notching has been eliminated by metaglene optimisation to a two-peg design without an inferior screw. An increased impingement-free range of motion is achieved by a systematic glenosphere overhang and chamfered inlays – with an effective humeral stem inclination of 147°

With an inversion of the materials in the tribological pairing, polyethylene abrasion at the scapular neck and the surrounding structures is eliminated. This results in a reduced risk of polyethylene-induced diseases


Affinis Inverse Fracture 

Treatment with Affinis Fracture or Affinis Fracture Inverse is indicated in fractures of the humeral head which are difficult to reconstruct. The modular platform system allows intraoperative decision-making and the conversion from a hemiprosthesis to an inverse prosthesis and vice-versa.

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