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Hip Stems

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The optimys stem was developed to allow reconstruction of the individual patient's anatomy. The key anatomical landmark for implanting the stem is the medial curvature of the femur, allowing the objective of restoration of the centre of rotation and offset to be achieved, regardless of the initial varus or valgus position of the femoral neck.

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twinSys UC 

The uncemented twinSys stem is a straight monoblock prosthesis available in XS, Standard, Lateral and Long versions. It has a triply conical stem geometry and a pronounced proximal rib structure to counteract forces acting axially on the stem.

The stem design strives to achieve primary pressfit anchoring in the proximal cancellous  bone.

Data from a twinSys stem design reduces the risk of postoperative subsidence and provides secondary stability.

twinSys cemented.png

twinSys Cemented

The cemented twinSys stem is a straight monoblock prosthesis available in both Standard and Lateral versions. In relation  to the rasp, the stem is under-dimensioned by 1 mm per side, offering sufficient space for a homogenous cement mantle.
The rounded, rectangular cross-section gives the implant its stability against rotational forces acting on it. 
The triply conical stem geometry transforms the shear forces into compressive forces and allows wedging of the stem in the cement mantle, thereby minimising the risk of postoperative subsidence.

By absorbing micro-movements between the implant and the cement mantle, the highly polished surface reduces the risk of prosthesis loosening. 


Exprt Revision Hip


3° taper geometry for axial stability

Optimized splines providing 0.2mm of press-fit on each side of the conical region

3° bow on longest distal stem to accommodate the natural bow

Total construct lengths from 195-295mm

Anatomic anterior distal relief curved in multiple planes

Hip Cups

RM - Pressfit-vitamys.png

RM vitamys

Launched onto the market in 2009, the RM was the first cement-free elastic monoblock cup worldwide made of HXLPE enriched with vitamin E.


The RM vitamys combines the advantages of the RM Pressfit cup with the good material properties of vitamys, a highly cross-linked, vitamin-E-stabilised polyethylene (HXLPE) that is highly resistant to oxidation, ageing and wear.

The RM Pressfit cup achieves its primary stability through an equatorial press-fit. Aided by the flattening of the polar region, compressive forces are guided towards the periphery of the acetabular cup. Additional stabilisation can be achieved as needed, using up to four screws.

RM-Pressfit .png

RM Pressfit

The RM Pressfit coated with titanium particles is an uncemented elastic monoblock cup made of UHMWPE, representing the advancement of the proven RM Classic Cup system. 


With a mean survival rate of 94.4% for aseptic loosening after 20 years, the RM Classic is one of the most successful uncemented acetabular cups worldwide.


aneXys Cup


The aneXys cup system is a modular uncemented cup option for hip replacement surgery. It offers a wide range of component combinations to accommodate the individual patient anatomical requirements and functional demands.

The equatorial oversizing, in combination with the macro-structured, titanium-coated and porous surface allows the cup to achieve high mechanical primary stability. The porosity of the coating is up to 50%, thereby providing good conditions for the biological integration of the implant in the pelvic bone.

CCB .png



In cooperation with Prof. Maurice E. Müller, Mathys developed and produced the cemented M.E. Müller cup. Since 1996, Mathys has sold the cup under its own name (CCB).


The CCB cup is a cemented monoblock acetabular cup made of UHMWPE with an integrated radiopaque wire. It follows the Müller philosophy. In conjunction with or without an acetabular roof reinforcement ring, the CCB cup is used for treating diseased hip joints in primary and revision surgery. The portfolio covers a full and a low- profile version and is available in twelve sizes. The CCB cup demonstrates good long-term results with respect to implant survival.

Hip Heads



Mathys is one of the few international manufactures of Orthopaedic Ceramic Implants. They combine high competence in Bioceramics and long term experience in orthopaedic technologies into one orthopaedic focused company. This dedication, experience and modern production facilities allows them to be at the forefront of innovative orthopaedic implant design and development. 

This along with the full range of Metal, Bi-Polar and Revision heads allows for inter-operative flexibility  

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